Hair Analysis Testing

Hair Analysis TestingToxins present in the body embed in hair fiber proteins as it grows. Hair, unlike blood, has long-term memory. Much like the rings of a tree, human hair maintains a permanent record of nutrients and toxins introduced to the body. A three-inch strand of human hair will give a six-month history of what's inside the body because head hair grows at a rate approximately one-half inch per month. This is a primary reason the hair analysis is used in forensic medicine for proof of death and by the National Parole Board for drug testing of Federal parolees.

Clinical research indicates levels of specific toxic elements often correlate with pathological disorders. For such elements, the levels in the hair provide a superior indication of body stores opposed to blood or urine specimens.

The key to an accurate hair analysis is in the interpretation - a lost art amid traditional medicine, yet a critical step in disease recovery. Dr. Hull's environmental expertise and unique nutritional training demonstrate her ability to interpret the hair results with accuracy.

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Hair Analysis Testing

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