Frequently Asked Questions About Hormones

General Hormone Information

What is hormone testing? Does medication alter hormones?
What are the different kinds of hormones? How do hormones work in the body?
Do hormone imbalances affect men, too? What happens during menopause?
What are hormones? Why test them?  

Estrogen & Testosterone

What is estradiol? What is the importance of hormones before menopause?
What is estrone? Are all hormones 'estrogen'?
What is testosterone? Why is testosterone so important for men?
When does testosterone reach its peak in men? Does low testosterone affect women?
Does testosterone decrease with age in both men and women? Is testosterone good for the elderly?

DHEA & Pregnenolone

What is DHEA? Why is DHEA important?
Where does DHEA come from? What happens when DHEA levels are too low?
Should I supplement with DHEA to prevent disease? What is pregnenolone?
Like DHEA, does pregnenolone decrease with age?  


What is cortisol? Why do television advertisements call cortisol "a nasty little hormone"?
Why do we need cortisol? What is the best way to test cortisol levels?
How is cortisol good for you? How does the body control cortisol levels?
Do medications affect cortisol? Why do athletes have high cortisol levels?
What is Cushing's Syndrome? How do you treat excess cortisol?
What is Addison's Disease? Why do weight loss programs fail when they interfere with hormones?
Are cortisol suppressants for weight loss good to use? Are there natural ways to suppress cortisol and reduce the effects of stress?
What is Magnolia Bark? What is Epimedium?
Where is Theanine found? What are Beta-sitosterols?
How does Banaba Leaf control excess cortisol? Why is chromium healthy for your hormones and weight loss?
What is vanadium and how do I know if I'm low in it? Do cortisol inhibitors react with medications?

Hormone Testing Information

What is hormone testing? Why use saliva and not blood?
How much is a hormone test? Can I get a refund?
What forms of payment do you accept? Can I have my hormone test rush delivered?

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