Are cortisol suppressents for weight loss good to use?

Not at all. Cortisol is a stress hormone that exerts good effects in the body. Cortisol releases glucose and amino acids for cellular energy and is associated with the "fight or flight" response. Whenever we're under stress, whenever we're sleep-deprived, or whenever we're actually dieting and restricting our calories for weight loss, our bodies sense that it is under stress and releases its primary stress hormone, cortisol.

But, excess cortisol signals your brain to sense hunger, increasing appetite. If stress levels are not maintained and other hormonal levels are not regulated to balance the cortisol levels, then excess cortisol can increase water and fat cell retention, primarily in the abdomenal region. Elevated cortisol can also alter metabolic signals controlling blood sugar. By bringing cortisol back into a normal range, appetite is under better control, blood sugar remains normal, and fat cells can continue to release fat.

But, lowering cortisol levels through forceful medications is not the solution to longterm, healthy weight management. The natural solutions are:

  • Lower stress
  • Monitor your hormone levels
  • Exercise regularly; recommended four to five times a week
  • Eat less processed and packaged foods
  • Don't eat after five or six at night


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