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Splenda®: Is It Safe Or Not?

In Splenda®: Is It Safe Or Not? Dr. Janet Hull reveals the scientific evidence strongly suggesting the chemical sweetener sucralose may harm your body. Perhaps there is no “free ticket” to eating all the sugar-free products you want without paying a high price physically – even weight gain.

Don’t despair – in Splenda®: Is It Safe Or Not? Dr. Hull gives you plenty of safe alternatives to keep life "sweet." Visit Is Splenda Safe.com.


Sweet Poison: How the World's Most Popular Artificial Sweetener Is Killing Us--My Story

Sweet Poison began as a quest to help others conquer the deadly effects of aspartame and other chemical sweeteners. Dr. Hull wrote Sweet Poison to inform and protect public health from being seduced by the “sweet poison.”

Janet Hull almost died from aspartame poisoning in 1991. When she discovered the truth about aspartame, she naively thought that by merely sharing what she discovered with others, she could help in removing aspartame from the public market. She soon realized that the truth behind aspartame is a well-guarded secret. She also realized that its removal from public use was going to be a hard task to accomplish. For more information about aspartame toxicity and Sweet Poison click here.


Richardson Cancer Prevention Diet

The Richardson Cancer Prevention Diet, by Dr. Janet Starr Hull, is an alternative cancer diet book providing cancer prevention tools, nutritional recommendations, cancer resources and more.

The Richardson Cancer Prevention Diet utilizes specific vitamins and minerals plus digestive enzymes to prevent the formation of cancer and aide in cancer recovery.

Often times today, the foods that we eat are filled with toxic elements that can create "negative" health symptoms and cancer. When you become aware of the benefits of natural foods, you can change your diet to experience wellness. The Richardson Cancer Prevention Diet is a safe aid to any cancer treatment you are currently receiving. If you don't have cancer, or if you have had cancer in the past, the Richardson Cancer Prevention Diet is a perfect resource to help maintain a natural, healthy lifestyle while supporting your body's immune system. For more information about Dr. Hull's Alternative Cancer Prevention Diet click here.

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