Aspartame Components

The ingredients and chemical components in aspartame.


Is Methanol In Aspartame Toxic?
The methanol in aspartame is a free-form replica and laboratory grade of wood alcohol and...
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What Are The Toxic Breakdown Products Of Aspartame?
FormaldehydeFormic acidWood alcoholTyrosineDopamineNorepinephrineEpinephrineDiketopiperazine...
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What Is In Aspartame?
Aspartame is 50% phenylalanine, 40% aspartic acid, and 10% methanol. The primary breakdown...
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What's The Difference Between Manmade Methanol and Natural Methanol?
There is a difference between the methanol used to make aspartame, fuels, antifreeze and...
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Why Are Amino Acids In Aspartame Harmful?
Many people think the isolated amino acids in aspartame are totally harmless. This is a perfect...
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