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Makers of Artificial Sweeteners Go to Court
New York Times, by Lynnley Browning...
(No rating)  4-6-2007    Views: 5048   

Philippines Forbids Import and Use of Aspartame
A law promulgated by the Philippine Congress has forbidden the importing and use, in the...
(No rating)  5-15-2007    Views: 5232   

DSM pulls out of aspartame market Anthony...
(No rating)  4-6-2007    Views: 7252   

How Thorough Is Your Evidence?
Very thorough! None of the data on aspartame or Splenda is hearsay or sensationalized. I have...
  10-11-2005    Views: 6544   

I Want To Interview Dr. Hull
Dr. Hull is very experienced in radio and television, having granted over 500 media interviews...
  10-27-2005    Views: 8491   

Is Dr. Hull Associated With Any Aspartame Activist Groups?
Dr. Hull is an independent author whose work is based on her personal experience with aspartame....
(No rating)  10-11-2005    Views: 9212   

Where Can We Get A Press Copy Of Your Books?
We have press copies available for Splenda®: Is It Safe Or Not? and for Dr. Hull's first book...
(No rating)  10-11-2005    Views: 6092   

Why Haven’t We Heard About Splenda Safety Before Now?
The diet sweetener issue has been well guarded for over three decades. As I wrote in Sweet...
  10-11-2005    Views: 12627   

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