What can I expect from the niacin flush; I hear you have a scary burning sensation?

You may not be prepared for the “Niacin Flush.” Rest assured that niacin reactions don’t cause heart attacks or breathing difficulties under normal conditions, but you must be aware that a true niacin flush is a very different experience the first time you have one.  It is not uncommon for your heart to race, your skin to get red like a sunburn, your body temperature to increase, and you may even break a sweat while you feel an adrenaline rush.  This is one reason for taking the niacin shortly before an exercise workout, a hot shower, sauna, or steam bath.  If your pores are open and your blood is flowing in an energetic manner, the niacin will immediately remove any toxins it has picked up in the blood and deliberately escorts them out of your body.  You may or may not react uncomfortably, but you can be assured the niacin is picking up toxins – that’s what you’re feeling.
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