Why is balanced pH important?

Your body pH is something you must not ignore if you wish to maintain perfect health, regain lost immunity, or maintain proper weight. The farther away from perfect balance pH travels, the more serious health problems may develop and the more difficult it may be to maintain proper weight.

The body has a specific pH value. In fact, each of the body fluids has a specific pH value. The blood, for example, has a more alkaline pH balance averaging between 7.1 and 7.4. The saliva and urine are more acidic, averaging between 6.4 and 6.6. (See What is the perfect body pH? for more information on the different pH body balances.)

The body needs to maintain a balanced pH to prevent illness, so it is very important to avoid being too acidic or too alkaline. Acids have pH values under 7.0, and alkalis have pH values over 7.0. If a substance has a pH value of 7.0, it is neutral, neither acidic or alkaline. The following is a generalized list of examples of pH:

1. pH 0 ­ battery acid
2. pH 1 ­ hydrochloric acid
3. pH 2 ­ lemon juice, vinegar
4. pH 3 ­ grapefruit
5. pH 4 ­ tomato juice
6. pH 5 ­ black coffee
7. pH 6 ­ urine/saliva
8. pH 7 ­ fresh water, milk
9. pH 8 ­ sea water
10. pH 9 ­ baking soda
11. pH 10 ­ Milk of MagnesiaŽ
12. pH 11 ­ ammonia
13. pH 12 ­ soap
14. pH 13 ­ bleach
15. pH 14 ­ liquid drain cleaner

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