How do I take the samples?

The easiest and most inexpensive method to test your urine and saliva pH is using litmus paper. Note, holding the litmus paper in your urine or saliva longer than a few seconds can wash the indicator off the paper, and possibly result in an inaccurate reading. So, first thing in the morning and last thing before bed, gently, but quickly, touch the pH test strip to a drop of urine and a bubble of saliva. Remove the strip once contact has been made, and look at the strip to make the color reading.

The optimum pH value for both the urine and saliva should be between 6.4 and 6.6, with 6.5 being the ideal pH for the body's fluids. Note the pH reading for the body fluids is different from the pH of the blood, which is averaged at 7.1 to 7.4. See Dr. Hull's article The pH Balance of Water Versus Blood for a detailed explanation on blood pH.

Tips on how to use the pH test strips to test your saliva and urine:

1. Carefully remove the pH test strip from the plastic container
2. Avoid touching the end used for testing
3. Quickly, but carefully, dip the tip of the pH test strip into the urine and saliva samples (you can touch the test strip directly to the tongue)
4. Remove any excess liquid by carefully tapping the strip
5. Immediately compare the color on the test strip to the chart that comes on the plastic container

Read more about pH balance:

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