What is the pH test kit?

There are a variety of ways to determine the body's pH. The most practical and inexpensive method is to find the approximate pH level of the urine and saliva using litmus paper. Since the your body pH varies with what you eat, I recommend measuring both the pH of your saliva and urine twice a day - when you get up in the morning before you eat or drink anything, and last thing before bed. Keep in mind, when it comes to determining the body's pH, look at the averages and and trends over a specific period of time.

To make this process the most convenient, I have assembled a pH test kit which includes pH test strips and a chart along with info on alkaline and acidic foods.

The ph test strips come in a plentiful roll secured in an easy-to-use plastic container making it easy to remove only one strip at a time. The chart ia a handy way to record both the urine and saliva pH over a ten-day period making it easier for you to see the pH averages over time. Finally, my 75-25 Eating Plan helps you select the right pH balanced foods and the correct proportions of alkaline vs. acidic food choices based on your individual pH.

Keep in mind, you can eat both acidic and alkaline foods at every meal, but it is important to keep the proportions of acid versus alkaline as close as possible to balance your specific body pH. A good rule-of-thumb is to eat 75 percent raw or steamed foods to 25 percent cooked foods at each meal. This secures the alkaline foods are in a higher proportion to the acidic foods, and that the raw foods have not lost their nutrients and enzymes to cooking.

Paying attention to your body's pH level is an easy and efficient guide to your physical health.

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