How Thorough Is Your Evidence?

Very thorough! None of the data on aspartame or Splenda is hearsay or sensationalized. I have the reports from the researchers who discovered (as early as the 1970s) the dangerous health effects of aspartame, such as Dr. John Olney and Dr. Diana Dow-Edwards. I have the FDA reports from the research submitted by McNeil on Splenda. I have the government documents on saccharin safety and the dangers of Ace-K.

Dr. Olney’s research (Washington School of Medicine) shows holes (lesions) in the brains of lab animals fed aspartame. Dr. Dow-Edwards (SUNY, NY) submitted aspartame research proving fetal retardation, both physical and mental. I have the research from the renowned methanol expert, Dr. Woodrow Monte. I have reports from the EU representatives who have the documentation of cancer caused by aspartame.

This information isn’t new or impossible to locate. It has been available for over thirty years, but few were aware because this topic has been carefully managed.

Thanks to the Internet, this information has not disappeared from public access. In the late 1960s through the early 1990s, the truth about aspartame was successfully hidden from public view. No more, again, thanks to the Internet. I have persevered in my work amid deaf ears and apathy; the time has come to move away from all food chemicals, specifically diet sweeteners. We have no choice - we are dangerously ill from aspartame, and Splenda is no solution. Our children are ill at younger and younger ages, and may not outlive their parents.

Most of the information on Splenda is sourced to EU officials and European researchers who personally led me to this data. Many thanks for your support in making this data public.

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