Why Haven’t We Heard About Splenda Safety Before Now?

The diet sweetener issue has been well guarded for over three decades. As I wrote in Sweet Poison and Splenda®: Is It Safe Or Not?, the chemical sweetener industry abounds with controversy. Where has this gotten us? Ridden with epidemic disease, obesity, ADHD, autism, and a run-a-way dependency on pharmaceuticals. Many of the drugs advertised on mainstream media are for the very symptoms the artificial sweeteners have created, such as migraine headaches, lack of libido, depression, hyperactivity, insomnia, hair loss, and weight gain.

After researching NutraSweet/Equal® when writing my first book Sweet Poison in the early 1990s, I knew to collect the documents on Splenda early into its appearance on the American sweetener market. (This is the most opportune time as manufacturers tend to boast about their products, and typically more data is available,) Most of the information on Splenda is sourced to EU officials, patents, and European researchers who led me to this information. The data exposing the safety of Splenda is referenced to government documents, patents, and corporate research reports.

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