Has Anyone Threatened Dr. Hull?

NutraSweet, marketed by Monsanto Chemical Company, has never made any threats against Dr. Hull in her 15 years of aspartame work. However McNeil representatives, (marketers of Splenda) have contacted Dr. Hull by email and fax, requesting she stop speaking out against Splenda.

Several journalists in London, nevertheless, who have published newspaper articles about the dangers of Splenda, have received threats from Tate & Lyle, the makers of sucralose. The British sugar company has demanded both newspapers publish a retraction authored by Tate and Lyle. They also gave the newspapers 24 hours to respond to their demands, threatening litigation if the papers chose not to comply.

One paper elected to publish a retraction, but the other paper refused to respond to Tate & Lyleís demands. The British newspaper is confident of the accuracy of the reporting on the dangers of Splenda, and Tate & Lyle has made no further advance to prosecute.

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