In How Many Products Is Splenda Found?

As of May 2004 when I first completed my book, the list included over 3,000 products containing Splenda and was thirty-four pages in length. Today, the list has substantially lengthened, and now includes Diet Coke®, NutraSweet’s exclusive for over twenty years.

I have briefly listed the major food categories in the Splenda book.

The product list includes a variety of foods and food products, pharmaceuticals and children’s medications, vitamin supplements, protein powders, protein bars, weight loss products, liquid and powdered drinks, popcorn, gums, mints, toothpaste and water.

Note: some of the products are not labeled sugar-free and some products are combined with aspartame and other chemical sugar substitutes in the sweetener blends.  My best advice: read ALL the labels on anything you buy for your and your children’s safety.

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