Does Splenda React With Medications?

Unfortunately, the research has not been done to specifically address this issue. And with the myriad of medications out there today, it will take an insane amount of research to determine which medications react with other medications, what food chemicals react with medications and with other food chemicals, and what environmental toxins react with medications and with food chemicals. We have spun a chemical web with no end in sight.

Personally, I would not combine the chlorine in Splenda with toxic medications that have their own warnings of numerous adverse side effects. It seems irresponsible NOT to consider the fact that medications can react with the abundance of food chemicals saturating our food supply. How many people do you know who take migraine headache medication with a diet cola or use chemicals in their coffee the morning after they popped a “pill” to stimulate their libido?

Modern humans are saturating their bodies with chemicals, both prescribed and within our foods.  The real misdeed: what this multitude of chemicals is doing to our children; especially a fetus or a child who hasn’t entered puberty.

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