Is It Safe To Bake With Splenda?

I do not feel it is safe to bake with a manmade chlorine product with claims it is manufactured to prevent the chlorine from breaking down in heat. (I do not cook with tap water containing chlorine, either.)

The research team of Barndt and Jackson performed a study on chlorine safety and baking with sucralose in 1990. The purpose of the “sucralose processing study” was to demonstrate sucralose stability in a variety of common baked goods. Yellow cake, cookies and graham crackers were selected because they represent a cross-section of common ingredients and typical process conditions used in the baking industry. For each baked product, no peaks other than sucralose could be detected. Using aqueous/methanolic (methanol) extracts of the baked products, a 100 percent sucralose recovery was found. This proved sucralose did not interact with any other ingredients during baking and that the compound remained stable under baking conditions.

Splenda’s inability to break down when heated also proves it maintains extremely unnatural physical properties both in baked food products and in the human body. A basic law of physics: when any matter is heated, it breaks down. Then how unnatural is a substance that doesn’t break down when heated? Personally, I wouldn’t want that in my cocoa!

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