Can Splenda Cause Weight Gain?

Yes, all diet sweeteners can cause weight gain for many reasons. The body doesnít consider Splenda (or any chemical sweetener) as food; therefore, fake sugars donít satisfy your bodyís demand for nourishment, which in turn increases your craving for real food.

Simple carbs (manmade sugars) pass through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream. This means weight gain, increased fat and elevated blood sugar that can lead to weight gain. And Splenda is a simple carbohydrate!

Carbohydrates are the most abundant source of energy found in nature. They are products of plant photosynthesis, which provide the plantís fuel for life in the form of sugar. When we eat complex carbs, we are eating the plantís energy, which in turn becomes our own energy. When we eat the right kind of carbs, we are providing our bodies with fuel so we can perform daily activities from thinking about work to walking up a flight of stairs. If you are eating a balanced diet with reasonably sized portions, carbohydrates from natural sugars should not cause weight gain. But these days we are victims of the ďfear of carbs and sugarĒ fad, and the artificial sweetener manufacturers seem to be taking advantage of this with a "sugar-free" marketing frenzy. And don't forget that Splenda is a simple carb.

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