Is Splenda Addictive?

Yes, and for many reasons. All artificial sweeteners create an artificial need for more sweetness. People forget that originally, sweetness was actually a by-product of food: nature’s way to encourage living creatures to consume nutritious foods. Forced sweetness, revved-up sweetness and artificial sweetness - all altered foods - are a trap that addict people to sweeter tastes.

Emotionally, we are witnessing an epidemic of eating disorders in the countries that focus on artificial sugar substitutes, particularly among the younger generation. People are convinced through advertisements that they can eat all the sugar-free foods they want without penalty. The flipside to this is the fear that eating REAL foods will cause weight gain or illness. So, many people now fear their food and believe if they do not eat sugar-free, they’ll “gain weight.” People are grossly over-eating due to the misconception that sugar-free is responsibility-free, especially children.

We need to re-educate the youth about the basics of good nutrition and stop “super-sizing” the diet products.

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