Why Did The FDA Approve Splenda If It Isn't Safe?

Actually, the FDA didnít initially approve Splenda due to health concerns based on negative reactions in the lab animals. And, the FDA does not do any of its own product safety testing, anyway. They evaluate the research submitted to them by the corporations seeking approval.

The EU Food Commission, Canadian officials, and the American FDA all rejected the initial research submitted for Splenda approval based on negative research results. But each agency advised McNeil Nutritionals (marketers of Splenda) to return to the lab and continue their research until they ďgot it right.Ē And, thatís what they did. Hence hundreds of studies were performed. As advised, the researchers continued lowering the levels of administered sucralose in the laboratory until an acceptable limit was agreed upon. Eventually after several approval attempts, Splenda was finally approved.

Keep in mind, the corporations donít mention the negative research results or how their research is conducted. Instead, they emphasize only the research favorable to their petitions for government approval.

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