Why Is Splenda® Potentially Harmful?

Splenda contains the carcinogen, chlorine. Splenda marketers insist the chlorine is "chemically bound” so it cannot be released into the body during digestion. I question this and wonder if this artificial chemical can really safely pass through the human body.

Splenda (made from sucralose) is created in the lab using a complex process involving dozens of chemicals you and I can barely pronounce - let alone consume.  Basically, the chemists force chlorine into an unnatural chemical bond with a sugar molecule, resulting in a sweeter product, but at a price: a huge amount of artificial chemicals must be added to keep sucralose from digesting in our bodies. These toxic substances also prevent (hopefully) the dangerous chlorine molecules from detaching from the sugar molecule inside the digestive system, which would be a carcinogenic hazard.

According to the Splenda International Patent A23L001-236 and PEP Review #90-1-4 (July 1991), sucralose is synthesized by a five-step process.
To illustrate the alarming “chemical soup” required to create sucralose, I have listed the chemicals used to produce this sweetener and to secure the chlorine does NOT digest in your body.

1.    Acetone
2.    Acetic acid
3.    Acetyl alcohol
4.    Acetic anhydride
5.    Ammonium chloride
6.    Benzene
7.    Chlorinated sulfates
8.    Ethyl alcohol
9.    Isobutyl ketones
10.    Formaldehyde
11.    Hydrogen chloride
12.    Lithium chloride
13.    Methanol
14.    Sodium methoxide
15.    Sulfuryl chloride
16.    Trityl chloride
17.    Toluene
18.    Thionyl chloride

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