Why Did The FDA Approve Aspartame?

The FDA isn’t the bad guy in this case – merely a few top FDA officials and corporate officers pulling strings under the table to get aspartame approvedin the 1970s and 1980s. The FDA commissioned a task force in 1977 to review aspartame safety. They submitted a 15,000-page document on their investigation and recommended NOT approving aspartame for public use until the brain tumor issue (including seizures) was resolved. They stated for the record: “We have uncovered serious deficiencies in Searle’s integrity…The cumulative findings of problems within and across the studies we investigated reveal a pattern of conduct which compromises the scientific integrity of the studies.”

Nevertheless, once a product has been approved for the public food supply, it takes many years, numerous deaths, and thousands (if not millions) of adverse reactions and personal suffering to rescend an FDA approval. It has taken over 30 years to reach the public with the truth about aspartame dangers, and aspartame is still not off the market today! Let's hope they do not slowly "phase"aspartame out to escape punishment for all the pain and suffering it has created in children and adults.
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