Why Does The American Diabetic Association Endorse Aspartame?

The American Diabetic Association has received millions of dollars in donations from The NutraSweet Company and other various sweetener companies, so the endorsement as "safe" is more of a “thank you – see you next year” than “thanks for the money, but your products may be harmful!”

Just know for a fact that the NutraSweet Company (and now McNeil Nutritionals marketers of Splenda) donate millions of dollars every year to these types of organizations. In the 1990s, The NutraSweet Company even authored the Fact Sheet for The American Diabetic Association as a "donation."

Also note that despite millions of dollars in donations, little has improved for the diabetic other than sleeker testing kits and more modern ways to distribute insulin. The rising health costs of diabetic testing tools and life-long medications have NOT gone down. A dependency on insulin and the incredible stress it has on the body has never been addressed by The American Diabetic Association.

Alternative solutions to preventing diabetes is a topic The American Diabetic Association needs to invest in, but one they do not properly address.

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