Why Hasn’t The FAA Posted A Warning To Pilots NOT To Use Aspartame?

It could be to keep chaos and fear down, and to prevent lawsuits. I certainly feel the lack of information about the dangers of aspartame is a disservice to all pilots and passengers. Ere on the side of caution when it come to airbus flights, don't you think?

Many flight magazines have written articles informing pilots of this issue, but if you stop and think about the fall-out of an FAA warning, the FDA would have to defend why THEY have no public warnings posted, why there are no warnings for pregnancy or for children on product package labels, and if a crash were to take place, this would open up the airline for even more scrutiny and liability lawsuits. So, as in the same fashion this issue has been handled from the beginning - what the public doesn’t know, won’t hurt them! Mums the word…you think??
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