Why Do Medical Doctors Criticize The Hair Analysis?

Many traditional medical doctors criticize the hair analysis as not being a respected diagnostic test, not measuring up to blood tests, urine tests, MRIs or CAT scans. I believe their protests are sourced to a lack of nutritional education and background needed to interpret the hair tests properly. In police work, forensic scientists use hair tests that stand up in court, attesting to their validity. If hair testing is well respected for the dead, it must be good enough for the living. And, the hair analysis is used in the National Parole Program for drug offenders. The hair analysis doesn’t lie, in my opinion.

The hair holds an imprint of all vitamin and mineral levels in the body and reflects minute levels of toxins deposited in the tissues. As human beings become more polluted, a hair analysis can also detect food toxins that have stored in the body. It’s a great diagnostic tool. Before taking any vitamin and mineral supplements, consult a Certified Nutritionist for your specific health needs. Every individual is different, and a hair analysis can identify personal nutritional needs.

With a background in environmental engineering, I would not be able to make an accurate decision on how to clean up a toxic spill without performing a soil or water analysis of the polluted area. So it is with a hair analysis - the hair provides the best view as to what is within the body.

The key to any good lab analysis is in its interpretation, and without a thorough background in nutrition and in the sources of disease, traditional lab tests are less effective in long term healing. You might witness this when you go to the doctor with mysterious health symptoms, yet receive no answers as to why you feel sick and the lab results show nothing there. Doctors prescribe “medications” to help relieve your symptoms, but don’t fix the underlying problem. The hair analysis can help identify the underlying cause of health symptoms.

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