Is Stevia Safe?

Absolutely. Not only is stevia safe, it may even be good for you.

Stevia is 250 to 300 times sweeter than sugar. It is isolated and purified from the leaves of the stevia plant. Stevia has been used for centuries as a traditional remedy for diabetes and gum disease among the indigenous people of Paraguay and other South American countries. The therapeutic use of stevia has been recorded for over 1,500 years. Who knows how many years prior to the records?

Independent researchers’ preliminary scientific studies show stevia may indeed improve the function of cells required for insulin production in the pancreas. It may also improve glucose tolerance in people with diabetes. According to the generations of people who have used stevia as a part of their daily diet, stevia has also been proven to regulate blood sugar.

Unlike other sweeteners, stevia has been reported to possess anti-viral properties. Preliminary evidence suggests stevia also possesses blood pressure lowering properties and may be a useful treatment for hypertension.

After years of political scrutiny and stonewalling in Europe, the European Commission finally approved stevia as a sweetener in October 2004. The FDA currently disallows marketing stevia as a “sweetener,” but permits stevia to be sold in the United States as a “food additive” only.

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