Is Saccharin Safe?

Saccharin, in my opinion, remains the safest of all the “artificial” sweeteners despite the misleading report from thirty years ago that saccharin causes cancer. Its simplicity may be the key to its ability to be used safely as a sugar substitute. Saccharin is not as “chemically combined” as the other artificial sweeteners, and is probably the safest choice for diabetics (of the packet sweeteners, that is). Saccharin’s history is one of political maneuvering, market manipulation, and gross mislabeling.

Research shows the cancer studies performed on saccharin in the 1970s were seriously flawed. Saccharin was combined with cyclamate in the studies, and cyclamate was the determined factor to cause cancer. Monsanto Chemical Company owned both saccharin and NutraSweet at the time. The saccharin cancer warnings were not implemented until over 10 years later, at the same time NutraSweet was put onto the market.

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