Will Aspartame React With Medications?

Unfortunately, research has not been done to specifically address this issue. Personally, I would not combine the methanol in aspartame with toxic medications that have known adverse side effects of their own. Since the introduction of NutraSweet in the 1980s, disease syndromes have become epidemic, and at younger and younger ages. We must consider the fact that the myriad of toxic medications available today is indeed reacting negatively with the abundance of food chemicals (such as aspartame) saturating our food supply. And the medications are no doubt contraindicating one another. How many people do you know who take migraine headache medication with a diet cola or use Equal in their coffee the morning after they popped a “pill” to stimulate their libido?

Modern human beings are saturating their bodies with chemicals, both prescribed and within our foods. In my opinion, it is irresponsible to assume these chemicals will not adversely interact with one another.

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