Is Aspartame Safe For Children?

Have your kids been out of sorts lately? Do they complain of more frequent tummy aches, malaise, mood swings or aggression? Have you read the labels on what they are eating at home, at school and away from the house?

“Consumption of even moderate amounts of aspartame during pregnancy may produce a dramatic increase in the number of children born with diminished brain function,” warned Diana Dow-Edwards, PhD research scientist, SUNY Health Science Center, Brooklyn, NY. Dow-Edward’s research began in the mid-1980s, but her early warnings of aspartame’s harmful effects on fetuses during pregnancy have fallen upon deaf ears. With the rapid rise in mental illness among children, ADHD, autism, hyperactivity, depression and lower IQs, why hasn’t research such as Dow-Edward’s been considered as a probable cause for rising mental disease among modern children? Why haven’t mothers been warned that artificial sweeteners can cause birth defects and mental retardation if taken at the time of conception and early pregnancy?

Children are especially at risk for neurological disorders and should NOT be given aspartame and its sweetener blend with sucralose (Splenda) or acesulfame K.

I can relate many case histories of children having mal seizures and other mental disturbances while using NutraSweet®. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to accept that aspartame may be the cause of your child's illness, but with the number of children sick at earlier and earlier ages today, why take the chance? How many kids do you see taking a sip of mom’s diet cola or chewing a stick of dad’s sugar-free gum?

Children raised on chemical diets are more likely to develop physical and mental disorders and, as Dr. Dow-Edwards predicted, the evidence is surfacing at epidemic levels in America and other developed countries using sugar-free products.

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