Why Are Amino Acids In Aspartame Harmful?

Many people think the isolated amino acids in aspartame are totally harmless. This is a perfect example of the misinformation consumers are told about aspartame. Isolated amino acids can be damaging to the brain when taken out of the essential amino acid complexes found only in nature. The two amino acids in aspartame are in no way natural. They are manufactured replicas of real amino acids found in natural food sources. They are not “squeezed” out of natural foods and placed into a diet cola can!

Thinking it's just been fed, the human body will try to process the protein inside the "fake" amino acids, but because they are “fake proteins” manufactured with no nutritional value, there is no nutrition to be had. Your body will stay hungry as it waits to be “fed” real food, not artificial replicas of the real thing.

Isolated amino acids can be harmful to your health because they create an imbalance inside the brain. Dr. John Olney's research (Washington School of Medicine) on both the isolated amino acids in aspartame and MSG resulted in holes forming in the brains of lab rats fed isolated aspartic acid. Too much consumption of phenylalanine and aspartic acid (in aspartame) can be harmful to human health, and these isolated amino acids break down into numerous toxic by-products your body does not want or need.

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