What Are Sweetener Blends?

The chemical sweetener manufacturers are all fighting for top position in the sweetener market now that aspartame’s NutraSweet/Equal® twenty-five year monopoly is finally breaking apart. Finally, aspartame has some market competition, and is now found in sugar-free products blended WITH its competition. These are what I call the sweetener blends - aspartame, sucralose, saccharin, acesulfame K, and the sugar alcohols blended together in one product.

This is bad news for the consumer because you are not only ingesting the toxic byproducts from one chemical sweetener, you are consuming a combination of toxins from two or more chemical sweeteners - a “chemical brew.”

Nutritionally, toxic chemicals are not healthy for human consumption, especially during pregnancy, for growing children, given to the elderly, or if challenged with a degenerative disease.

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