Teaching & Seminars

Dr. Hull began teaching on the university level in the 1980s. For ten years, she instructed classes in geology, physical and cultural geography, world religion, climatology, meteorology, earth science, geomorphology, cultural anthropology and OSHA 40 SARA 120 HAZMAT certification classes.

While teaching at the University of North Texas, she directed a National Symposium on the Dangers of NutraSweet/Equal®. The two-day seminar exposed evidence of corruption in NutraSweet’s approval process and health dangers related to aspartame.

When Splenda® was first introduced, Dr. Hull began researching the sweetener substitute. As she did with her aspartame research, she uncovered the FDA documents and research reports on Splenda filed with Canadian, European and American government agencies.

Dr. Hull is a sweetener expert, having researched all the chemical sweeteners available on the market today. She routinely lectures on diet sweeteners, and grants radio and television interviews discussing the harmful effects of diet sweeteners.

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