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After the first edition of Sweet Poison was published in 1998, people all over the world began contacting Dr. Hull with their personal case histories and questions on how to restore their health from aspartame poisoning. Through her personal success healing her own “aspartame illness”, she documented how to detox from aspartame poisoning and how to restore health using her 10-Step Detoxification Program.

Her work with aspartame victims inspired Dr. Hull to open a nutritional counseling practice in 1998. She retired from university teaching and environmental consulting to open a private counseling practice helping others restore their health from the adverse effects of artificial sweeteners.

Dr. Hull has documented similarities in the hundreds of case histories she’s received over the years. As a result of chemical research and hundreds of case histories, she formulated her aspartame detoxification program and wrote the 10 Steps to Detoxification. She works exclusively via the Internet enabling her to continue researching artificial sweeteners and to continue her writing. Her newest book, The Sweetener Wars, will be in publication 2006. She also publishes a free monthly health newsletter on the Internet.

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