Dr. Hull's Aspartame Experience

When Dr. Hull was in her mid-thirties, she thought her life was perfect. She was married with three elementary-age sons. She was teaching aerobics to stay in shape, was a professor at The University of North Texas and lived in a wonderful suburban neighborhood. She had always been healthy but, for some mysterious reason, her health suddenly deteriorated. Over the period of one year, she ended up in the hospital diagnosed with an incurable thyroid disease (Grave’s Disease) with no known medical cause or cure.

Because of her excellent health history and background in toxicology, Dr. Hull questioned why she suddenly had a disease with no options other than radiation and a life dependent upon medication to stay alive. She wanted answers no one could provide, so she set out to find them herself, and she succeeded.

Dr. Hull cured this “incurable' disease,” and has gone on to live a healthy and medicine-free life. Her work informing others about the dangers of aspartame is based on her personal experience with diet sweeteners, and the deception she discovered behind its popularity. Dr. Hull's work is based on all she discovered during her illness, and how she cured her inaccurate diagnosis of an “incurable” disease.

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